European Buck Session usually starts of with warm-up workshops held by the invited judges and Krump pioneers. Workshops are divided in the following three categories: Basic Krump class, advanced Krump class and master Krump class, each lasting 90 minutes.

eventThe European Buck Session World Championship takes place on the second day starting of with preselections, in which the best 16 competitors are chosen. The remaining 16 competitors will then face each other in a “1 vs 1 battle“. “1 vs 1 battles“ are divided in male and female battles with 16 competitors each. Who wins the battle is a decision solely made by the Judges.

Over the years European Buck Session preselections were expanded to other countries.
This years international preselections took place in Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, USA and South Africa. The winners of international preselection will automatically be under the Top 16 on the Main Event in Germany.

The country battles consist of a group of 5, representing one country.

After the World Championship, European Buck Session usually finishes with an after-show party with well-known DJs.

On the third and final day, special workshops are taking place followed by a non-competitive dance Session in which dancers can exchange.