One thought on “Attention Dancers!!!!

  1. I just like to take this opportunity in thanking EBS and in particular the Krump community – as a parent, youth mentor and arts practitioner is it my humble gratitude towards the art of Krump.

    This form of dance have not just changed but develop young men from my region of the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth, South Africa – from gangsterism, drugs and alcohol abuse into role models and trend setters towards the development of Krump in South Africa.

    The two young men that are travelling towards Germany this year to compete at EBS are a true reflection what Krump has done for and through them. I want to thank you for creating platforms like this where young people can express themselves through dance.

    Myself as a 55year old grand father did fell in love with Krump and use its basics training as a means to a healthy life style. i have tried to express myself and find out that Krump is not for babies, i had to be put on a ventilator have lost my breath trying to go hard.

    The two young men i have registered on your website are Sachin Baatjies aka Big SYC and Zanovuyo Kolisi aka J-SYC – i have booked their hotel and flight reservations. They are keen on attending all the workshop sessions and are extremely excited to attend EBS 2015.

    May you grow from strength to strength in your future endeavors. I decree and declare Gods blessings and favor to follow this initiative and upon every person who made a contribution towards the success of EBS 2015………Shalom

    Godfrey Stanley

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